NYCAMH/NEC Farmworker Needs Assessment Survey

Please support NYCAMH’s farmworker needs assessment by encouraging your farm employees to complete the survey below.

Dear Farm owner/manager,

First, let us apologize for the unfortunate time of this request. We recognize that this is an extremely busy time of year for the farm community and that you have many challenges both new and old to ensure your business remains viable in the months ahead. However, as a private, nonprofit agricultural organization that has been working to provide health and safety services to agricultural workers for nearly forty years we are eager to understand the unique challenges your workers are facing in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. This information will help us create materials and programs that are more appropriate and helpful to you and your workers.

To gather this data, we are asking if you would share the following survey link with your workers:

NYCAMH/NEC Farmworker COVID Survey:

Please click here to take the survey in English –

Please click here to take the survey in Spanish:

You can either email the link directly to your workers or contact us to request paper copies that you can distribute to them. You can also contact us if you would prefer to have your workers complete the survey over the phone or if they need assistance completing the survey (assistance is available in English or Spanish). [contact: Nicole Blanchard at 607.422.7527 or]. Lastly, we would to like to reassure you that the survey is voluntary and responses are confidential (no contact information will be requested in the survey).

If you would like to learn more about our organization, please visit or Thank you very much for considering this request and for your essential work in providing agricultural products to the nation throughout the pandemic.

Julie Sorensen


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