Employee Handbooks

As businesses grow, employers often find that they need to write down employment policies and procedures to encourage better workplace communications and consistency. When you commit to preparing and distributing a written employee handbook it’s important to follow through and implement policies consistently. You must also plan to update the handbook on a regular basis, at least annually, to make sure it is accurate and compliant with law. I’ve seen situations where an employer copied an old printed handbook for many years, unfortunately, legal changes in the course of time caused many of those written policies to be out of compliance with current law. The resources below can help you get started, but it’s always a good idea to have an employee handbook reviewed by appropriate legal counsel before putting it into effect.

Michigan State University Extension developed an Agriculture Employee Handbook Template. Note that this handbook template was developed for Michigan farmers in 2014, there will likely be some difference from one state to another and the passage of time also brings changes in laws.

The Farm Commons provides a sample Employee Manual with helpful interpretation and discussion of various features. You must create a free account to access and download their resources. Again, this resource comes from the Midwest and was last updated in 2014.

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