About Us

Welcome to the home of Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development, part of Cornell Cooperative Extension and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences!

Our mission is to help farms and agribusinesses build committed and effective teams who will carry out the important work of feeding the world. We believe that agricultural work can, and should be, engaging and rewarding for everyone involved. Managers can build committed teams by applying the best human resource management practices for the agricultural setting.

Initial program goals include:

  1. Providing leadership and management development education focused on farm supervisors, middle managers, and owners.
  2. Clarifying workforce regulations that apply to farms and increasing levels of compliance.
  3. Building consistent channels of communication and learning opportunities about agricultural workforce issues.
  4. Conducting research into workforce problems and challenges that confront agriculture.

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The Agricultural Workforce Development program at Cornell is led by Dr. Richard Stup. You can reach him at rstup@cornell.edu or (607) 255-7890.

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