NYFB Launches Farm Relief Workers Database

New York Farm Bureau (NYFB) is launching a new database to match farm employers with potential employees. See the alert released by NYFB today:

During this time of uncertainty, we understand that our farms may temporarily lose some employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic as they may have to quarantine and convalesce. If you are in need of relief workers on your farm, NYFB launched a database today of willing potential employees. We strongly encourage that the individual farm vet and screen these applicants for needed qualifications. We hope that this database could serve as a resource to allow your farm to have the appropriate needed staff on hand throughout this pandemic. Click here to view the database. Please note that this resource was activated yesterday, so it may take time for potential relief workers to be added to the database. Also, if you are in need of work, are retired from agriculture and are willing to assist, or know of other people who may be interested and willing to work on a farm, please apply or forward the link on to interested parties.

Access the NYFB Farm Relief Workers Database

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