Farm Strong. Farm Safe.

Farms are stepping up to protect their employees and families from COVID-19 through training, new cleaning protocols, providing protective gear and cleaning supplies, and reinforcing social Mapleview Dairy farm employees showing off their COVID-19 face masksdistancing. Let your fellow farmers and the public know how seriously you take this threat and how much you are doing to defeat it! The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC) has a web page where they invite all types of farms to share photos and stories about their safety practices, see message from NYAAC below about how you can participate. Thanks for your efforts to Farm Strong and Farm Safe!

From New York Animal Agriculture Coalition (NYAAC):

In the midst of the challenging times, we are looking for some positive stories to grace the headlines and to share with others. We know that farmers have continually focused on keeping their farm and their workforce safe, not just today but all throughout the year. We want to hear about it! What protocols do you have in place on your farm to keep your employees and families safe? Do your employees wear gloves to milk cows? Is there signage that signifies hand washing stations? Do your team members wear safety vests? What new protocols are put in place due to COVID-19? Tell us how you practice farm safety on your farm.

Farmers have put a large emphasis on farming safely, long before this global pandemic started and while we know that no one is invincible to COVID-19, we want to know how farmers are going above and beyond to ensure their team members stay healthy all year long because there’s no better way to gather ideas than learning from each other.

We will be sharing your ideas with other farmers and consumers via, blog posts, and/or social media so snap a photo and send what you’re doing our way and let us provide a positive image of the dairy industry and showcase the importance of the essential workers on your team.

Please send photo, ideas, and farm name to Eileen Jensen, NYAAC Executive Director, or 315-719-2795 via text.



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