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Developing the people who feed the world.

Research Reports

A collection of research reports that are relevant to agricultural workforce development.

2017 Farm Employee Compensation Benchmark Report (2019), Stup

Workforce Issues and the New York Dairy Industry (2017), Maloney & Eiholzer.

Economic Benefits and Risks for Harvest Platform Adoption for NY Fruit Farms (2017), Ifft, Freedland & Wells.

Survey of Hispanic Dairy Workers in New York State (2016), Maloney, Eiholzer & Ryan.

Potential Impacts of Minimum Wage Increases on New York Dairy Farms (2016), Ifft, Karszes.

Human Resource Management and Dairy Employee Organizational Commitment (2006), Stup.

Workforce Development for the Pennsylvania Dairy Industry (2004), Holden, Hyde, Stup, Brasier. Summarizes dairy workforce needs and competency profiles.

Managing Hispanic Workers: Perceptions of Agricultural Managers (2003), Stup, Maloney. Report of ideas and best practices from farm managers with experience working with Hispanic employees.


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